Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Nature Notes: June ending July beginning

I'm pretty sure it was another nature notes blogger who mentioned that catbirds were letting her get very close to take pictures. I was surprised because the catbirds that bathe on my deck are the first to fly off if they sense me nearby. I did get a few shots of the one below before he or she flew off.
The brown thrasher below stayed put while I photographed her from my bedroom door but her wild look and loud squeak warned me not to get any closer.
The little finch in the next two shots seemed to be keeping an eye out for any disturbances.
Sometimes there will be as many as three of these finches in the smallest bird bath.
I haven't seen any of the great blue heron at Shelley Lake since May. I was pleased to spot this one at Crabtree Creek a little over a half mile downstream from Shelley Lake and over 10 miles upstream from Crabtree Lake.
I hope one day to get a shot of a heron with a fish in its mouth but no luck so far.
It's noticeable how shallow the water is from the way the heron is wading. This creek is notorious for flooding but the drought has made its mark on it.
I find it amazing the way heron can walk on those spindly legs.
Back on my deck the mourning dove are reminding me to change out the water that has gotten hot during the day and is shallow from being splashed out when it was still cool enough for a bath.
If the water was still suitable for bathing the dove wouldn't perch like that for a sip. I try to change out the water a few times a day when it's very hot and use the old water to give my perched plants a drink.
Back on a morning walk, I love the way trees can bend into natural arches.
The banks get bigger and bigger as the water keeps receding.
There are a few places where the water looks deeper but I know it's way down from what it was this spring.
I photographed the rabbit below at the bottom of my driveway.
More and more leaves are dropping off the trees. I hate to see that happen in the summer although I've heard that a dry summer can result in more vivid fall colors.
Heading off the paved path to a dirt trail the forest is still quite green and dense.
I like to take the dirt trails although they are a little harder to walk on.
Hard to believe how I used to walk across trees like these when I was younger.
I wouldn't even risk jumping across the narrow parts at this point in my life.
It takes all the agility I have at my age to maneuver over rocks and be careful of roots.
I'll admit that I find it tiring when I'm having to be careful because I don't want to fall when I'm on a morning walk by myself.
I wouldn't want to fall if I was walking with a friend either but the older I get the more I'm aware of the risks of a fall when I'm alone. Thank goodness for cell phones which add a lot to my aging security needs.
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Leora said...

Oh, that was me, the catbirds let me get up close with my camera. But not very close. I had my long lens.

Love the heron. And thank you for taking us for a walk in that stream.

We've had a pretty wet summer, here. I thought it was the opposite, you need some wet for fall foliage or the trees will turn brown?

DeniseinVA said...

Great photos showing us all those lovely birds. I enjoyed the walk you went on too. One of my favorites is walking alongside a brook or river. Always so peaceful.

EG CameraGirl said...

I love how many birds you see and photograph, Carver. I really like how close you were able to get to the heron!

Rambling Woods said...

I love to see the birds being able to get a drink and a bath. I wonder what the heron found to eat and maybe take back to a nest. I love to speculate...your post made me think that I have to take my cell phone with me when I am outside. I always have the camera, but I should take the cell too...hope you get some rain soon. We got a bit with a thunderstorm today...Michelle

??? said...

I lobe the Brown Thrasher, that yellow eye is gorgeous.

eileeninmd said...

Love all the birds shots, Carver! I have not seen a Brown Thrasher this season. I hope they are still around. Wonderful photos from your walk.

eileeninmd said...

Love all the birds shots, Carver! I have not seen a Brown Thrasher this season. I hope they are still around. Wonderful photos from your walk.

Arija said...

A most beautiful post. The heron with that beautiful pattern down it's neck is quite a shot!
You have so many beautiful birds that call on you. The mourning dove is such a pretty bird.Some other birders put ice blocks in their bird baths on very hot days.

I too an grateful for a mobile phone and never stir without it. If I fall and bleed, I can bleed to death very quickly since my blood has to be kept very thin. I also bruise incredibly so it is important that I can call for help.

Always better to be safe than sorry.


Your blog is too lovable and very nice presentation. Me so love your blog

Nicole said...

I totally agree with the 'risks' of getting older. And we can all say a thanks to mobile phones, as much as we might hate them in other situations.
Love you photowalk & the heron :D
Thanks for taking me along :)