Friday, April 08, 2011

Photohunters: Trees

I love trees and frequently photograph them so when I saw what the theme was, I decided to place some limitation on what I used.
The first limitation I imposed was to only use photographs of trees I took this week.
The next limitation I imposed on myself was to only use shots I took during my lunch break on the days I commuted to work in Durham, NC.
Even with those limitations there were a lot of photographs to choose from.
I often think of downtown areas as being places where trees are eliminated for buildings.
It is certainly true that forests have the most trees and residential areas tend to have more trees than are left for the downtown business areas of cities.
However, once I started taking shots in the city with the idea of focusing on trees, I was pleased by how many there were.
In some ways trees are as important in densely populated areas as they are almost anywhere.
Without trees in cities you truly end up with a concrete jungle.
Trees have a way of softening the lines of buildings and giving the landscape a living feeling which it otherwise might not have.
This time of the year some trees are still bare, some are green and some have flowers.
I like the variety of spring trees in its many stages.
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Sue said...

There is a great contrast between the trees and the urban setting :) Lovely series! Happy photo hunt and weekend!

Sue said...

oops added my own url incorrectly

Happy photo hunt! :)

Annie said...

A wonderful collection. Spring in NC is such a wonderful time even in the urban parts. I'm glad Durham has so many trees.

Have a great weekend.

LifeRamblings said...

great shots and brilliant colours. the second one is especially stunning.

Carolina Mountains said...

Nice to see so many trees in urban areas!

Anonymous said...

I too love to photograph trees, and so it was hard to limit the number of images to post. You were good at setting limits.

Liz said...

Love all the photos!

Have a fabulous weekend!


ancient one said...

Wonderful post on the trees in Durham. All beautiful photos!

forgetmenot said...

What would we do without trees!!!! Lovely shots of a variety of trees in different settings. Love your "nature walk" pics as well--looks like you had a great time. Mickie :)

MaR said...

I love trees too, great shots,Carver!!


jmb said...

Well if that is just this week's haul, you do take a lot of trees. :)

Have a great weekend Carver.

Nicole said...

I love the signs of spring and the colours popping up everywhere!

YTSL said...

Love your photo-essay, Carver. Great photos and accompanying commentary. And definitely agree that trees are very important to have in business districts and high density urban areas. :)

momgen said...

They look pretty...Happy hunting and weekend too. Mine is up.

Sandra said...

Beautiful collection of so many different trees. Love all the different colors. Happy weekend.

Pat said...

Wow - so many great shots!! Love the 2nd one.

Happy Weekend.

Nina said...

Omg these are beautiful pictures! I am fascinated with your photographs.

Happy Weekend :)

Surrounded by Trees

Unknown said...

these are amazing shots. i love the various colors of your trees. beautiful composition, too.

Gypsi said...

Wonderful photos! I especially like the second one!

Mine is here.

eastcoastlife said...

A wonderful collection of trees. The buildings look so different with trees surrounding them.

Cezar and Léia said...

a special selection of trees!They are all adorable!