Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nature Notes: Nature around my house

I've been excited by each sign of fall although it's barely begun. The dogwood trees are great for a preview since they change so much ahead of the rest.
nature notes dogwthclm
The dogwood berries are already red which happened rather quickly.
nature notes berdogwvmc
The holly berries on the other hand are still all green. I'll look forward to their change in color.
nature notes holgrber
I love the way some leaves have several colors, almost as if they were painted.
nature note pntlvaufl
I've noticed a lot of webs around my house although hard to get good shots of them.
nature notes webinbshhm
There are so many different moths flitting around but they are so fast that I only get shots of a few.
nature notes mothflas
I like the way the one below has a red dot on the gray.
nature notes mothrddt
I have a lot of different bird baths but there are still arguments over them.
nat note brownthrashera
When the brown thrasher above is in the bath it's rare for any other birds to share with it. The female cardinal will share with small finches and sparrows (next two shots below) but gets into arguments with towhees.
nature notes twobrdbth
Sometime a male and female cardinal will share the bird bath but I don't think I ever see two male cardinals in the bath together.
nature notes oneionetbrd
The female cardinal and the immature roufus-sided towhee (next two shots) chased each other away from the bird bath.
nature notes birdfacedeck
They didn't seem too mad after they got away from the water and noticed berries to eat.
nature notes cardandrouf
While the larger birds were settling water disputes the small ones moved in.
nature notes smbrdbbsd
Sometimes as many as five small finches and sparrows will happily share a bird bath.
nature notes birshbbtg
The male cardinal, like the brown thrasher, tends to get the bird bath to himself although occasionally shares with some birds.
nature notes malecardbb
The catbird had a turn in the bath and then flew to a spot where it could munch on berries.
nature notes catbbeamp
I thought the towhee below was injured but when I opened the door he flew off.
nature notes birdspwing
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Rambling Woods said...

Lost my comment...darn it... Lovely NN post as always..Thank you for supporting NN as it gets smaller and smaller every week....Your first butterfly is a pearl crescent and I am not sure on the bluish one, but I may thumb through my guide tonight...Michelle

Rambling Woods said...

Try this for the second looks like it might be it...Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly

Nicole said...

Highly fascinating how those birds behave.
I never had the chance to watch them at a bird bath, but will def. get one whenever we get back to Hungary :)
Love all the changes in your surroundings.
No leaf change here, just a few that fall.

EG CameraGirl said...

It's looking a lot like fall for sure. I love the many colours that some autumn leaves have too. Awesome!

Cezar and Léia said...

Again a sweet post bringing love to our heart, thanks so much! :)

AscenderRisesAbove said...

i never tire of your cardinals on the porch! we are getting a heat wave fast approaching; wish for some rain to wash cobwebs off our trees