Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nature Notes: Small changes towards a new season

I wish I could say that the weather is beginning to cool off but that's not the case. However, there are beginning to be some indicators that fall will eventually come.
nature note bsh color IMG_2965
I didn't save the labels to help me remember the name of the bush above when I planted it 15 years ago but it is always one of the first to get some color at the end of the summer.
nature note dogwood IMG_2958
My dogwood trees, shot above and below, are always the first trees to change from green to orange and red.
nature note dogwood berryIMG_2961
The berries will start turning red before too long on the dogwood trees. By late September the dogwood trees have their full fall color but most of the other trees around here are still changing colors in October and November.
nature notes farmer mrk IMG_2750
At Grace Garden in Durham there are still plenty of flowers but there are also areas where the plants are going to seed like the shot above. Same at Shelley Lake in Raleigh where I shot the rudbeckia and echinacea below. There are still some flowers mixed in but mostly they are going to seed.
nature note flower seedIMG_2928
The rudbeckia below is one from my garden that still has its flower petals but the center where the seeds form is getting more elongated.
nature notes IMG_2674
As I said, in spite of early signs that we are moving towards fall, the heat isn't letting up. I recently noticed these little houses the ants had built so they could escape the heat.
nature notes anthill IMG_2820
I like the way critters create artwork on mushrooms as they eat.
nature notes mushroom IMG_2814
I almost missed the opportunity to photograph the dragonfly who was perched on top of this broken branch that fell from a tree into the bushes.
nature notes dragonfly br IMG_2970b
My hand stopped just shy of the grabbing the branch to pull it out of the bushes.
nature notes dragonfly an IMG_2968b
The dragonfly must have liked posing because he stayed put while I grabbed my camera and clicked shot after shot.
nature notes dragonflyI MG_2971b
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Kathie Brown said...

Well, these are some lovely Nature Notes and you got some great shots! Love the close-up of the rubeckia. Thank you for your recent visit to my blog. I grew up in New England but moved away before I became such an avid birder. I will see it with new eyes now. I hope to do lots of exploring! Thanks for the encouragement

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm quite surprised that you are seeing signs of fall...but indeed you are!

kenju said...

The top photo is of a cleyera. I know, because I had one for 27 years until some idiot decided to trim it for me and took it back so far it wouldn't recover. I'm still mad about losing it!!

Rambling Woods said...

Lovely series...I hate to think of moving toward fall already but I guess you're right..I haven't even thought of a Nature Notes post yet.. I love the really got great detail in it...Michelle

Cezar and Léia said...

Great work in this set of pictures!My favorite is the gorgeous dragonfly, perfect shots dear Carver!

Nicole said...

I love those little signs of autumn, especially the mushroom :D
And that dragonfly is gorgeous!

Squirrel said...

Although I love Autumn it's arriving too fast. Nice shots!