Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nature Notes: Raindrops continue as a frequent companion

Another seven days between nature notes and the majority of those days have either been raining or cloudy part or all of the day.


However, when I look back through the shots I've taken since last nature notes I notice that I have a lot more pictures with blue skies.


Besides the fact that it's easier to take pictures when the sun is out, I know that at this point everytime I see a bit of blue in the sky I head outdoors as soon as I can.


I never lose sight of how important rain is but we've had enough rain to cause periodic flooding issues. Nothing too bad but it wouldn't hurt to have a few more clear days in between the rainy ones.


I have to say that in spite of how wet it has been, we've had an unusually beautiful fall. I know that dryer weather is supposed to be good for optimal leaf color but you wouldn't know it by the year we've had.


I can't think of a year where we've had more beatiful or prolonged color. At this point some trees have lost their leaves while others are reaching their peak.


Before long all the leaves will be on the ground but I enjoy that too.


I was surprised on Sunday to see the city trucks out collecting leaves from the curbs. They usually do that during the week after most of the leaves have dropped. I guess with flooding they have had to get a jump on it since the sun actually came out on Sunday.


They even got some of my leaves which is unusual. I rake all my leaves into big piles and move them to my back garden. I even rake the ones which fall over the curve, into the area where the city picks them up, back to my yard so they don't get removed. However, they caught me off guard by going by with the trucks on Sunday.


All of these shots were taken over the past 7 days so as you can see there are still leaves left to fall. For other participants, please visit the home of nature notes.


Crafty Green Poet said...

what gorgeous autumn colours, our colours have been wonderful too despite our weather being not only wet but windy too!

Cezar and Léia said... are the autumn leaf
floating the garden.
I leave you my long for you
- The best part of me.
Sure that everything is going.
Everything is less than the wind,
Unless the leaves on the ground ...
(Cecilia Meireles)

Hello sweet friend,
wow the first shot touched my heart, your post today is really amazing!Thanks a lot dear friend!

Rambling Woods said...

Sigh..these are lovely.. There was something about the single leaf that spoke to said, 'hey strange nature lady, what is your fascination with leaves?'. LOL.. I had better get my post finished. I wait until something strikes my fancy... Michelle

Anonymous said...

It's warmer than usual here and sunny for a change (unusual for November) but I envy your extra-long colour this year. Wonderful post, Carver!

Arija said...

If you have had so much rain, rather than being detrimental to leaf colour, the leaves being wet actually accentuates the colour. Your spotted leaf is indeeed well spotted as well as well as beautifully uniformly covered in droplets. All of your photos are a dream. A pity you missed out on the fallen leaves, they are such a valuable resource.

Marvin said...

Great shots of fall color. I too am kinda partial to the single, droplet covered leaf. In the Ozarks our fall color was less than spectacular this fall, and most all the leaves are now on the ground or mulching beds in the garden.

mommanator said...

such wonderful colors! too soon you'll be posting about snow so enjoy these colors while you can!
The orange leaves make the sky look even bluer

Unknown said...

Gorgeous!! Come visit me to get your Award...

Leora said...

Lovely! Sometimes when it is sunny it is too bright, and I have a harder time with the shots. But that's a gorgeous blue, and the autumn colors are precious. Such hues.

Ayie said...

the rain brought back nice glow to the plants and trees all around, nourished their roots again

Squirrel said...

Great shot of the water covered leaf. Wonderful Autumn shots as well. Glad you are getting to enjoy the beauty of autumn - it disappeared way to quickly up here.

Nicole said...

Thanks again for your wonderful trees.
They are a treat to me!
And so are the droplets and the thought of rain :)
Only 2 months (or so) here and I already miss it, sigh....