Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nature Notes: No two days the same

Almost every day continues to be different from the last one.


Blue skies one day give way to gray the next. Rain gives way to dry. Temperatures are varying a lot too.


I continue to like the changes and it motivates me to walk on the clear days because I know the next day is as likely as not to be rainy.


I like the fluctuations in the temperatures too. Cool nights but some days have warmed up quite a bit.


I love the way the forsythia looks this time of year. I think of that bush primarily for its yellow spring flowers and forget how the leaves change from green to red and almost burgandy before dropping off.


I'm continuing to spot blue herons at the lake. This one was having some luck fishing but I didn't get the snap of a fish in its mouth.


On rainy days I've found myself photographing the view from my windows at home.


Even when the sky is gray and the rain falls, the colorful trees give a brightness to my window views.


It's nice though to have some bright blue skies too because the blue makes a nice backdrop for the colorful leaves.


Before too long all the trees that drop their leaves will be done and I'll be focusing on catching shots of colorful birds perched and easier to photograph without the cover of foliage.


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Dee said...

I'm so glad I had a chance to visit you last year . . . because I remember visiting some of the same spots you pot in your pictures. It's cool to see them in the changing seasons!

Cezar and Léia said...

Sweet Carver, I'm really envious now!Adorable weather and beautiful shots.
Here I miss the sun because since last week I could not see the sun and walk around.
Well...tomorrow will be a new knows!

Anonymous said...

Carver..that is the most amazing place to be able to take a walk and the fall color is beautiful. I will have to take a different view on rainy days, clean my windows and take photos anyway...Thank you for adding this lovely post to Nature Notes....Michelle

Ayie said...

i always like your colorful world carver =)

mommanator said...

for some reason I never envisioned you living with houses to look at from your window. Humm fascinating.
Pretty pics!

Squirrel said...

Beautiful captures as always Carver!

Caron said...

The weather is a compelling reason to get outside while you still can. I do the same thing.

Gel said...

Always enjoy your photos. That 2nd one looks almost exactly like one I caught from my backyard last year. However, I envy water being so close to you. Gorgeous vistas.

Nicole said...

And once again, thanks for showing me the Beauty in autumn that I miss so much.
It's finally getting cooler here too and I manage to get out again,yippieh ;)
Those colours on the trees are simply amazing.
Do the herons stay over winter?

moosh said...

Beautiful shots. We did not get fall color, so thanks for sharing. I envy you living on a lake.

Smalltown RN said...

As always your photos capture nature at it's finest...I love the colour of the foliage out husband has always said to me how the only thing he misses from living out east is the fall and the colours in the have captured this well....

Have a wonderful day!

MaR said...

How wonderful that you appreciate the beauty around you. You live in a gorgeous place!!

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely series of photos, gorgeous late autumn colours...

Anonymous said...

The weather looks glorious! And you took lots of wonderful photos documenting the lovely area you live in.