Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nature Notes: Comparing Lakes

I was walking around Lake Lynn recently and I found myself comparing it to Shelley Lake. Both lakes are near my house but since Shelley is the closest that's where I usually walk.
All of the shots in this post were taken this week at Lake Lynn and one thing I was pleased about was how much easier it was to photograph the great blue heron at Lynn that it is at Shelley.
I suspect it's because Shelley Lake has such a huge park and trail system along creeks that the heron have more protected areas to get away from the people. I spot them at both lakes but have trouble getting close enough for decent shots when I'm at Shelley.
In addition to noticing ducks and heron fishing, there were a few people out on boats fishing. Not sure if they were catching anything but it was a pleasant morning to be out and about.
The shaded parts of the walkway always make it nicer to walk in the summer. Both lakes have shady areas and sunny areas. I definitely prefer shade when it's hot.One of the trademarks of Lake Lynn are the funny looking ducks which they don't have at Shelley. There are a lot of different ducks and geese at Shelley but not like the funny guys below.
No offense intended as these ducks probably think I'm funny looking too.
The shots of the great blue heron are all of the same bird but obviously the sun's relation to me and the bird make a big difference.
There are some things I like about both ways I was shooting so I couldn't decide which photographs to use. My solution as usual was to post a bunch of shots. Nature Notes Home


Daryl said...

So lovely .. it would be tough to make a choice ...

Leora said...

How wonderful to have two lakes near your home.

Yes, he is a funny looking guy, that duck. Is that a duck? Can't imagine how he attracts females, with a face like that.

Greensboro Daily Photo said...

Loving that heron and muscovy duck! I can just see you carrying that camera with you on your walk on the hunt for great photos! These birds look like they are enjoying the attention.

MyMaracas said...

It sounds like either lake is a wonderful spot for a walk. Love the heron shots! I see one fly over every now and then, going between the pond and the swamp, but I've never gotten a photo.

Very odd ducks, those. And so tame? Maybe they're used to getting handouts. ;-)

Nicole said...

Wonderful shots!
I love that heron (and yes, the different lighting always irritates me too).
That duck is hilarious but cute in a way :D

Prospero said...

You certainly have two exquisite lake areas to stroll around.

The first Heron picture is my favorite.

Celeste said...

What a beautiful area, it looks very tranquil. The dear old Muscovy Duck is such a funny thing, they are a very popular species, usually kept domestically but rather good at escaping and making a life for themselves in 'the wild.'

storyteller at Sacred Ruminations said...

Thanks for taking us along virtually on your lovely walk ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

RJ Flamingo said...

We used to have lots of muscovys around here, but I haven't seen too many, lately. I kind of miss them. How neat to have 2 lakes right near you. Great shots!

Carletta said...

I echo that - two lakes - wonderful photo ops for you.
I'll be nice and say the muscovy has a face only a mother would love. :) He didn't seem to be afraid of you so close. Our park is posted for no feeding.
I love the shot of the boaters - peaceful, serene, summer day.

ramblingwoods said...

My friend Benji the gander used to have a muscovy duck in his flock, but it was killed by somebody...I loved that you posted the series of photos which is perfect for Nature Notes....Thank you Carver!

Ayie said...

that's a beautiful much things to capture!