Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring Fever

I have a bad case of spring fever. It's still quite cold at night but by mid day has been warming up. The down side is although early spring flowers are beginning to bloom, they are getting freezer burned at night by the cold.
I shot the flower above which is one of the blooms on my neighbors camelia bushes and by the next day it had black spots from the hard freeze at night. If it wasn't for the damage to the early flowers, this is my favorite type of weather. I love to wake up to a bracing cold morning and then have the sun start working it's warming magic during the day.
I'm taking advantage of spring fever to finally start on the fall clean up in my garden. Better late than never. I have to be careful not to overdo it as gardening can create more physical issues if I do too much of the heavier, strenuous type of work.
I have my six month check up with my pain specialist next Tuesday and on Thursday of next week, I have my annual full body PET/CT scan. I also have an oncology checkup right after the scan. I guess if I hurt myself with spring fever, I'll have the advantage of getting help from the pain doc in short order. I'm being facetious. It's not really like there is any magic bullet to deal with any of it.
One thing I have learned to do is wait until after I'm doing something strenuous to take my pain medications. I don't want to mask issues and do too much because I just took a pain pill. If I wait until after gardening to take my pain meds, I do less and am less likely to hurt myself.I will be glad to have next week over with. I'm trying not to get too antsy. I don't expect any problems. I expect that I will officially be four years out from my stage III melanoma diagnosis without recurrence when I get my scan results. Perhaps my feeling antsy is just spring fever and it's coincidental that I'm coming up on the doc stuff.


skywind said...

Your photos are very good. Embodies the most beautiful flowers side. Hope you can take care of your body. A speedy recovery. Thank you for your photos.

Dee said...

Hey Carver, I bet you're feeling antsy both because of spring and because of your doctors' visits. Gardening and hanging with your flowers sounds like a great tonic to deal with it. I love that shot of the red flower - the camilla? You get the picture, right? (Pun intended)

I'm getting a little silly now . . . thanks again for the great pics! I'm getting spring fever, too, and I'm jealous of your blooms. My dad has crocuses and drawf irises - my own daffodils are still just sprouting. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carver!

Lovely flowers! They must make you feel spring fever. Some of my daffodils got faked out and popped up in the warmer soil closer to the house, but they'll be months away from doing what they should!

Yes, "it's the most wonderful time of the year....." anniversary time. I'm realizing I should schedule my pre-onc visit next week after reading your schedule. Here's to a good anniversary outcome....and to minor shades of stress and anxiety.


AscenderRisesAbove said...

daffodils; love them. I should get some. They are what says "spring" the best. like you we got pushed into a too early spring and who knows what will happen when the real thing rolls around.

juliana said...

these are, again, beautiful photos.

i'm sorry about your spring fever and will keep my fingers crossed for clear results.

Dr.John said...

I wouldn't even mind an evening freeze but we are in the midst of another big snow storm.
Thanks for letting us see that somewhere flowers bloom.

Anonymous said...

Carver..these are beautiful photos. I am sorry, I didn't realize that you have pain with your illness. I hope that it is controlled as well as possible as it can be so draining physically and mentally. And this coming week is the scan. Oh...I would be nervous too. It's easier to ignore this stuff when you don't have a scan coming up. I am sending good thoughts your way..hugs.. Michelle

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

hope the flowers survived the snow