Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Walk, and tag, and awards thank you

I have a feeling that this is going to be a somewhat disjointed post since I'm going to post shots from my walk this Monday morning with assorted stuff. First Mimi tagged me for the "needs" google. You google your name with needs behind it and post the results. If anyone wants to play along you can read about it at Mimi's site and consider yourself tagged by me. My first two results were: Carver needs help and Carver needs metaphors. Well let me see. Could the light in the water above be a metaphor for drowning in light. Naw, I think I do need help with my metaphors. How about a turtles shell as a metaphor for being shy.
Then perhaps spreading your wings like a turtle coming out of it's shell. Um, is that a mixed metaphor? Help!
Moving right along. Carver needs to restore faith . . . Carver needs 100 gouges . . . Carver needs wood . . . Carver needs to read in a newspaper . . . Carver needs to decide. . . Well Carver has decided it's time for a photo of a loan runner at the top of the dam. You can barely see the runner without clicking it on to enlarge it, but he's there, a little to the right of the center.Then the next ones were . . . Carver needs to be ready to help . . . Carver, and we still need your help . . . Carver needs a ruby flame in fine and course grit . . . Carver needs to be found . . . Well here I am hanging out with the geese and ducks, dontchaknow, and I think that sand is pretty gritty, and I'd be happy to help but I don't want to go up in a ruby flame.
Carver needs a big performance . . . Carver needs no introduction . . . Carver needs realism . . . Carver needs no adjustments . . . Whew, that's a relief and perhaps a good one to stop on. So back to the turtles briefly. I photographed turtles for the first time this Monday. There were two big ones on either side of the bridge and two little ones chasing each other around which made it hard to get good shots. Looks like this one was blowing bubbles, a turtle after my own heart.
I want to thank Elaine who blogs at It's not a Weekend; It's a Lifestyle for sharing the Perfect Blend of Friendship badge with me. I always enjoy visiting her blog and her a Photo A Day Blog is such a pleasure to visit too. I am glad to have discovered her blogs through the photo memes and we also both enjoy coloring mandalas.
JMB who blogs at Nobody Important very kindly passed on the Arte y Pico Award and that one originated here. I always enjoy JMB's mixture of posts and feel like I learn something when I visit her. She lives in Vancouver and I love seeing her beautiful city and she also kindly takes us on her trips in the form of interesting recounts and pictures.
I am embarrassed to say that when I saw this award I had a feeling that I'd forgotten to post about Mousey at Say Cheese for mentioning me for this one in this post some time ago. Mousey participates in quite a few of the photo memes which I also enjoy and she has interesting photographs and posts. I appreciated her for thinking of me and bookmarked the post back in May, meaning to write about it, but I think I'm a wee bit senile. If I don't do these thing right away I forget.

I would try to find a metaphor to finish off this post but we know I need help with metaphors and I don't want to risk mixing my metaphors. Therefore I'll leave you with one more of the Carver needs that popped up with the google search: Carver needs to watch . . . Whew, I can handle that one. I'll go back out soon and watch the birds, and the turtles, and the runners huffing and puffing as they leave me in the dust. By the way, I'm eventually going to pass on some of these thoughtful awards. I just know if I wait to pull that together, I may forget and I want to thank people who mention me. I am definitely behind in mentioning some of these beautiful blogs and bloggers I enjoy visiting. I hope I will do better soon.


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I'm no good with metaphors either!

Looks like you had a lovely morning....funny thing, I was hanging out with some ducks on Sunday :)

MaR said...

You take the most fascinating walks! because you watch...!!
contrats on those well deserved awards!

Theresa said...

being named after a popular saint, I guess my needs are for the greater good- since when I did theresa needs I got a college and a womens shelter- fun meme and interesting what your needs were

congrats on the blog awards well deserved-

and a little forgetfullness hits us all- at least you remembered!

Have a nice day

AscenderRisesAbove said...

wow - what you can compact in a little post! I really enjoyed the turtle movement.

Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

I really envy your scenery during your walks :) Walking around my estate means houses,buildings and more buildings
I live 10mins away from the beach via walk and I'm embarrassed to even say I'm too lazy!!!

Glad you like the award :)

jmb said...

I always enjoy your blog Carver and you are a real photographer whereas I just point and shoot and hope for the best, with a bit of judicious trimming.

Carver said...

Thanks so much to everyone for visiting. I hope you are all having a good week.

Smalltown RN said...

Your photos as always are amazing.

I met with JMB and other bloggers awhile back. Like you I love how she portrays Vancouver. A city that I grew up in...and she reminds me of all the amazing places to go and do in Vancouver. So congrats on your award...well deserved!

desert dirt diva said...

Hi my name is vicki, and i came bye your blog threw wayfaring...i do like this blog so much it explains about cancers and i have had to deal with this terrible diase threw some very close family members.and myself am waiting to find out if the spot on my lung is that or something more evasive(cancer) i hope u don't mind if i put u on my sidebar.

escape said...

wow! congratulations on this award! im sure you deserve that looking at the bloggers who constantly visit your blog.

i like that turtle shots. i think it is breathing when a bubble appeared.

Carver said...

Thanks so much to everyone for visiting. Desert Diva, I'm sorry your family has had to deal with cancer and I'll be sending out good vibes for you as you await your biopsy. I emailed too and I appreciate your linking me. Take care, Carver

Rambling Woods said...

Good job..metaphors are difficult. I really like how clear the water is so that you can see the turtle..