Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flying with the Kite, vacation, exercise log

I don't think I've ever seen a kite boarder before my recent vacation. Looked like so much fun to be flying with the kite. I remember thinking sail boarding looked like fun when it came out, and at the time it seemed very novel. I guess kite boarding is the latest thing now. Then again, I'm so behind the times it may have been around a long time and I missed it.
I took the second photo from inside looking out the large window. My sisters are the pair on the beach and my brother in law is on the porch. It was much cooler at the beach than it's been at home but it was hot enough so that it was nice to be able to sit inside some and still have a good view for photo ops.
I took the picture above while I was on a walk. The group of seagulls were so much fun to watch. Hard to know what they were doing in their little group. The stayed just past the dunes but too far from the ocean to be on the lookout for fish. It was almost like they were hanging out having a chat. One would fly in and join them, then another would fly off.
I have never been to the beach and done so little walking. The pier in the photo above is what I used to consider my short walk and I didn't even make it to that pier. I am continuing to keep the exercise log I started 103 days ago and I have gotten some kind of exercise 66 of those days but most of it was when I was walking every day. First I over did the gardening which slowed me down and then the heat came in like fire.
I am not going to let myself get discouraged. For one thing, at this point I've gained so much weight that if I don't at least hold my own I'll make a less than optimal situation worse. I had brunch with a friend yesterday and we're going to try to start walking together early in the morning at least once a week. Every little bit help and if I can walk with her once a week and if Bill and I can walk some together on the weekends, I'll only need to motivate myself a couple of other days to do something on my own.
I have barely scratched the surface of the photographs I took during my vacation but I'm sure I'll be scattering them through upcoming posts for a while.


escape said...

great winds! it reminds me of our plan to do surfing in november. but no plans of wind surfing yet.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

cool shots just keep walking music so helps me when I feel unmotivated and I walk faster too

Sienna said...

What a beautiful beach, gorgeous photos have captured the feel...the kite sailing has really taken off over here, I think perhaps working up over the last decade, also big is jumping off cliffs on a board with a kite/parachute...(yeah, strewth!).

I can surf but haven't done kite sailing/surfing. Jumping off cliffs ain't going to be an option either.

Sounds like you have the walking organised, good plan, even if able to split it up over cooler parts of the day?

Take the camera :) to be sure you will see the best photo opportunity ever! if the camera is left at home.

The heat can be discouraging.

I think my favorite is the seagulls


Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

The beach looks inviting :)

jmb said...

I think I'd like to kickback at that spot. The beach is my favourite place anywhere but of course I can't sit in the sun and enjoy it. From that porch looks like a good place in the shade to see all the action.

Theresa said...

great pictures, the last one is my favorite since I miss the fluffy white cloads of the east with a nice blue sky.

I too have gotten out of my exercise regime, and it is so slow getting back-but no matter how slow, just build a minute a day. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Love the seagulls and the clouds, Carver. These shots make me want to drive out to the local beaches.

Keep 'em coming:)

MaR said...

Beautiful beach and pictures!! they are called kite surfers here and they have reached massive proportions so they are banned during the summer months to avoid accidents. Still, our community has seen deadly accidents as some surfers couldn't control their equipment and strong winds made them crash against walls of homes located near the beach...I guess that's why I am rather scared of this sport, although it looks so pretty from the distance.

I'll be on vacation starting this Saturday and I hope to do a lot of walking, Carver.

Unknown said...

WOW! What a lovely beach! I miss sea water. How I wish I can take a trip to beach this weekend too.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend.

Unknown said...

Those are wonderful shots! Love it all.

Carver said...

Thanks so much to everyone for visiting and commenting.

eastcoastlife said...

What a lovely place for a family vacation!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

the water photos are fun. i especially liked the one on the porch; the different directions of the same colored, same textured wood; very soothing.