Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bazillion photos and medical stuff

All afternoon yesterday my desktop weather alert was flashing to make sure I knew there would be a frost warning in effect last night. My response, take a break and go outside to shoot another bazillion photographs. Covering the garden is not an option at this point. It was a relief to awaken this morning and see that it was 1 degree above freezing and everything looked fine. Tonight we have another frost warning but I'm betting it will once again stay a tad above freezing. If I'm wrong, I can immerse myself in my gazillion photos to remember what it was like before the last blast of winter wrecked havoc on the vulnerable blooms .It's a good thing I'm trying to get into better shape. If I gain much more weight, I won't be able to slide into the narrow space between my wall of flowers and the gate which is how I enter my garden from the driveway. I can also enter via my deck but I often go in through the gate. I prefer it when I only have a narrow space between the open gate and the overgrown azalea. I think it creates a better, you're entering the secret garden, feel than if I cut back a wider entrance. Or maybe I'm too lazy to prune the bushes. I'll let you guess about which is the case. Perhaps a little bit of both.
My rose covered storage building seems to think it's about June. Even as early as everything was last year coming into bloom, this year has been faster still. I don't worry so much about my garden as I do about the farmers. Last year the NC orchards were hit very hard by a late April freeze and that is dominating the local news this week as they are trying to predict whether there will be a repeat of last year. Hopefully not. If we make it past tonight I think we'll be warming up to the point where the risk will be low.
I went to get my vitamin D tested this week at my rheumatologist's office and while I was there I asked for a copy of my bone density scan which was done the first week in March. I assumed that there weren't any problems because they hadn't called me about the scan but I've gotten in the habit of asking for copies of reports, so while I was there I asked for it. Turns out I have osteopenia which isn't so bad. Much better than osteoporosis. Still you would have thought they would have let me know since my doctor wrote and signed the report on March 4 and had recommendations which I haven't been told about. It's not a big deal but surprised me not to have heard back about it.It mentioned there was a moderate risk for fracture in a couple of places in the lumbar spine and in my hips. That wasn't particularly surprising because MRIs of the spine and pelvic region as well as PET scans and bone scans have shown issues in the same spots. However, since they weren't suggestive of cancer, the oncologist wasn't interested. The pain doc had tried some nerve blocks after he did the MRI of the lumbar but that was of limited use and not followed up further.
I'm probably going to wait and see if my rheumatologist's nurse mentions the bone density scan results when she calls about the vitamin D. I don't see the doctor again until July and he is a very thorough doctor whom I like and respect. I know the nurse will call about the vitamin D results to let me know what supplemental regime to go on for the next 6 to 8 weeks until I'm tested again. I guess I want to give them a chance to tell me about the osteopenia before I say, so why haven't you let me know about this. Before I was a melanoma patient it never would have occurred to me to ask for reports. I didn't even come up with that myself. At my first oncology appointment at UNC after a PET/CT scan, they walked in with a copy of the scan report and handed it to me. After my sentinel node biopsy post op appointment, the surgical oncologist walked in with a copy of the biopsy report and handed it to me.
I've had a lot of scans and and a few surgeries at UNC since those early ones, and the NP or surgical oncologist who follow me always give me copies of reports at the office visits. I've learned that although my other doctors and hospital cancer center don't automatically give me reports, I can request them directly without involving playing telephone tag with doctors or nurses. Sometimes I wish I didn't do this but to an extent there is no turning back. In some ways it's better that I went ahead and got the bone density report and have had time to get over being annoyed they didn't call and let me know sooner.
I have barely scratched the surface of what's blooming in my secret garden but I'm sure I'll feel gabby again soon and will sprinkle some more of my meandering posts with photos of my meandering garden.


AscenderRisesAbove said...

a secret garden... now you have piqued our interest!
i haven't gotten my reports in a couple years. thanks for the reminder. I think i might after this next test.

Smalltown RN said...

I loved that movie....and if your photos are any indication as to your secret garden you are blessed to have one.....I wish you well with your appointments and that the results are positive.....I want to thank you for your comments on my blog it made me feel a bit better....all the best....thank you

Anonymous said...

You live a glorious spot. I came over to have my flower fix. I did see one dandelion today and a few crocuses starting to peak out. Another month should see the end of the snow. We are definitely thinking of becoming snowbirds next winter. We will go to Mexico next year but want to check out the States for a possible home away from home in winter. I assume you must be in the southern states somewhere it is so lovely.

escape said...

that's sad. i hope you get to recover as soon as possible. does having osteopenia limit you on on your jogging session?

MaR said...

Your flower pictures are such a delight!! your rose is amazing, such vivid colors.

I have osteopenia too. Walking is the best thing you can do about it. I have to follow my doctor's advice and your example...only today is raining!! thanks for the rain dance :)
Have a lovely day, Carver!!

Carver said...

Hi J (Ascender), I have always loved the idea of secret gardens. My back yard has become something of a secret garden because I've intentionally let bushes grow high enough to hide my back garden from outside view at most places. There are a few areas I'm working on getting more privacy screening but I can go out in my nightgown without people seeing me.

Hi Mary Anne (smalltown rn), I also love the movie and if I could afford it I'd have a high stone wall around my garden just like the movie. Not practical for me to do so I use the bushes. Thanks for your well wishes and best to you and your family.

Thanks Vic,

I know your winter must seem endless. I live in NC which is southeastern US.

Hi The Dong, The osteopenia isn't any more limiting than other issues. I have had some problems since surgery 3 years ago and I'm still coming back from that. I am feeling positive about my brisk walking for exercise which is what I'm doing now.

Thanks Mar,

I am thrilled to hear you are finally getting some rain. I bet your skiing is great for you too as I assume that is weight bearing exercise. I've never skied much and the little I did involved me toppling a lot so in my case I didn't get much good from it but that was ages ago.

Dottie said...

Your photos are beautiful. I got here by way of Vic, the cariboo ponderer. I live in Michigan and recently drove through NC as part of our vacation. Things are beautifully green over that way. Here, spring is finally arriving, but everything is still brown. I'm looking forward to the green again.

Sue Pelletier said...

I want to live inside one of your roses--beautiful! We finally got one sad little daffodil to open up, but are light years behind you. Your pictures remind me that there's still hope, as soon as the last of the snow melts.

Keep taking and sharing those gorgeous pictures!


maryt/theteach said...

Carver, sometimes doctors make me soooo mad! I hope you ask him why he didn't tell you about the osteopenia. And I'm glad as well that it's not the other... :)

BTW come by my blog again when you have the chance and send a message to an alien. It's my "What if..." meme. It'll be fun!

Carver said...

Hi Dottie,

I hope you will soon have spring. I know it's been a hard winter in the midwest this year.

Thanks Sue, I know winter must seem way too long at time. I hope you will have spring soon.

Hi Mary (the teach),

It is irritating how doctors don't always let us know about things. I have left a message for the alien. I thought that was fun.