Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Snapshot: Number Ten

I am back from a weekend filled with wonderful birthday surprises for my fiftieth birthday. The first surprise was my oldest sister was waiting at the gate when Bill and I arrived in NYC. Her plane touched down before ours and I didn't know she was coming. There she is in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village near where we were staying. My other sister lives in New York so I knew she would be there but I didn't know that my daughter was coming. My daughter was my second delightful surprise. I almost fell off my chair when she walked into the restaurant where we were all seated the first night we arrived. Below is my sister who lives in NYC and my daughter seated in front of the Natural History Museum, as they wait for us to cross the street and join them. I generally don't post recent pictures of anyone on my blog except for me and my daughter, not knowing how they'd feel about it, thus the distant shots or in the case of the first one, a profile shot. Below is my 50 year old self and my 22 year old daughter. I love the shot of my daughter so I'll throw my own vanity to the wind and post it. My recent windows movies have had shots of me which are primarily very old so here's a brand new one.
I hope everyone has a great week. I know my fiftieth year is off to a very happy start.

On a different note, I was born on Veteran's Day, Remembrance Day, and Armistice Day. I wish I had something eloquent to say about this day that so many countries set aside to remember, but I can't find the right words. I maintain hope for future generations and I think it's important to remember sacrifices and lives cut shot, and to keep searching, even if the answers seem elusive.

Weekend Snapshot


Christy Woolum said...

Happy Birthday and what a lovely way to spend it. That is a terrific picture of you and your daughter and what a nice surprise. I have never been to the eastern states so I love enjoying your week-end (and other day) photos.

Anonymous said...

What lovely personal photos! I too celebrated my birthday, on Friday 9th. I had several cakes from different people, still deciding which one to post next weekend. Blessed Birthday!

SandyCarlson said...

Happy Birthday to you. What a great way to spend this big day. These are some great shots of NY, too. That city is so vast and interesting and beautiful. I hope you enjoyed every minute of it.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

What an exciting weekend for you! How nice that your daughter surprised you! I love visiting NY and am itching to go again. I would like to live there for a year just to see what it is like. The pic of you and your daughter is great! Have a happy week!

HartofDixie said...

What a great surprise. Lovely photo of you and your daughter.
Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Plenty of great surprises for you this weekend! :-))

Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! :-)

MaR said...

Happy birthday to you!! What a wonderful trip to celebrate with your beloved ones.

jmb said...

Happy birthday Carver. I'm glad you had a great weekend with wonderful surprises.

Emmyrose said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration with the people you love.

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Carver! Its really a big day for surprises.

thanks for sharing those fantastic shots.

Kero said...

Happy Birthday, Carver!Hugs... You are looking great at 50!!!I wish you health wealth and happiness. I adore the photo of you and your daughter. Have more celebrations to come!

Anonymous said...

great weekend you had! nice photos too! esp the one at the museum! 1st time to join this meme, hope u could visit!

SabineM said...

Lovely photos! I am soo glad that your other sister could join you too!
Lovely shot of mother and daughter!
She looks soo sweet and happy!!!!
I can't wait to hear about your weekend!
WElcome back and BEST WISHES for your 50th year!

Anonymous said...

You and Daughter look marvelous...what an exciting birthday!
Ah and to Veteren's Day et al I am humming this tune in my head...

No man, no madness
Though their sad power may prevail
Can possess, conquer, my country's heart
They rise to fail
She is eternal
Long before nations' lines were drawn
When no flags flew, when no armies stood
My land was born.

And you ask me why I love her
Through wars, death and despair.
She is the constant, we who don't care
And you wonder will I leave her -- but how?
I cross over borders but I'm still there now.

How can I leave her?
Where would I start?
Let man's petty nations tear themselves apart
My land's only borders lie around my heart.
-Chess, Rice-Ulvaeus-Andersson,1984

Kinda takes the breath, doesn't it?
Love, K.

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your birthday in NYC. Happy Birthday and enjoy your week!

Liz said...

Belated happy birthday! I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend :) Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Great surprises Carver!! So glad you had such a good time.
Oh I love such surprises... unfortunately I'm never on the receiving end - I'm always the one to give them. Though I do hope my family will come up with something for my 50th! After all they do have 16 months left to prepare LOL!

Carver said...

Thanks to everyone for visiting. I did have a great birthday weekend and appreciate the thoughtful words from each of you on my weekend snapshot post. I hope everyone has a great week.

Anonymous said...

Carver! Belated Happy Birthday!

You sure looked happy, who wouldn't be, you had wonderful surprises for you. I wish you more blessings and happiness.

Take care and have a great week :)

Shelby said...

So glad you all had a wonderful time! Great photos of you and your beautiful family.

Suzan and Christopher Hallam said...

Happy Birthday and glad you have joined the 50's club. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday. Here's to many. many more.

Suzan (wife of Keith - Stage IV)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How great to have so many wonderful surprises!

Theresa said...

Glad you had a great time, what lovely surprises- Love the shot of you and your daughter!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely photos of your shining faces. Your daughter looks just like you, adorable; and I am sure that others here have covered that already. ;-)
You always have the most warming words to say (re: I maintain hope for future generations and I think it's important to remember sacrifices and lives cut shot, and to keep searching, even if the answers seem elusive...) small wonder that your daughter loves you so much and shines in your presence.

King (Kathie) said...


What a way to celebrate your 50th. :) Thanks for sharing the picture of you and your daughter. You two look sooo much alike. What great surprises!

Stay Strong

Carver said...

Thanks again to everyone for the thoughtful comments. Means a lot to me. Take care, Carver

Raquel said...

Hi Carver, belated happy Birthday! Wow, you had celebrated your bday in NY and what a nice surprised too.

All the photos are great! What a sweet photo of you and your daughter.

christine said...

What wonderful surprises on your birthday! I love photos of family, there is always such warmth that exudes from them. Happy 50th! :)

Carver said...

Thanks for visiting. I enjoy weekend snapshot.

Anonymous said...

I love autumn too. ;)
Have a great weekend.