Thursday, April 09, 2009

Perils of the Wandering Juror

I had to go downtown yesterday for Jury Duty which I'll admit to not looking forward to. I had to arrive bright and early to basically sit in the Jury lounge and wait to see if my services were needed.
I was not one of the names which were called during the morning session.We were told that we would be breaking for lunch but would have to return after that and see if any of the afternoon court cases needed us.
I wasn't thrilled that I would have to return after lunch but I decided to wander around, getting in a walk as well as photographing downtown Raleigh. That way I wouldn't mind as much because I could pretend I was downtown for a photo shoot.
What I didn't expect was that while my head was in the clouds, photographing the skyline, I tripped and had a really nasty fall. I managed to break my fall with one hand and protect my camera but I busted my knee.I limped back to the courthouse, wishing I was a bird flying to perch on the the roof tops. I was called to serve on a Jury but thankfully was excused during the elimination process so I didn't have to limp back today. The good news is I did get a lot of downtown shots, although I'm not that great at architectural photography. I'd like to practice that some more another time. However, I'll have to remember that there are a lot of nasty curbs just waiting to trip up a roving Juror with her eye to the sky instead of towards the ground.


juliana said...

you are the second person i read about today who tripped on a curve and skinned her knee.
i'm sorry about the fall but at least you saved your camera.

i like your shots... the bird looks magnificent but see what you mean about shooting skylines. a wide angle is recommended for such shots (not that i have any practice)

Colin Campbell said...

Loved those. Never been as far south as NC. Great blue skies.

Theresa said...

CA started a calling system, so you call in the night before to see if they need you or not. Not that I mind jury duty, but it is nicer not to have to go if they don't need you. Like your building shots, especially the red one.

Anonymous said...

Are you OK? Last week I ran into the night stand with my knee and I have been icing it since. It's amazing how many things you need your knee

CreativeVision said...

Beautiful set, I would never thought I'd see a bird that big in a city with those tall buildings!

Dee said...

Sorry about your knee! I hope it's not too bad! Thanks for posting the pics, too, after your fall . . . the consolation prize, I guess, is that you got some nice pictures!