Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and I had intended to do an earth day post but I've been busy. Therefore I'm going to show some recent nature shots from my immediate area which make me grateful for the beautiful world I'm lucky enough to live in.
I think one of my favorite things about where I live (North Carolina) is the abundance of trees.I complain a lot about the development in my area which has sometimes resulted in a slash and burn approach to new construction, but I am so lucky for all the woodland walks that have been preserved.
I also have a lot of trees at my house which provide shade in the summer and help keep my air conditioning bills down.
There is a lake with a park and greenway trails within walking distance of my house which I am able to enjoy.
My garden is wild and woolly and for the most part I like that although it could stand a little work at the moment.I am happy that my wild garden provides homes and nourishment for many wild animals.
I guess I'll wrap it up here and I'm wishing you a happy earth day today and everyday!


SandyCarlson said...

Thi is a lovely tribute to home sweet home. Your state is lovely as can be. it really does amaze me. Thanks for the regular doses of NC!

Dee said...

I wish you the same, Carver! Wonderful set of photos, I might add! Happy Earth Day!

MaR said...

Lovely post for Mother Earth, Carver, enjoyed all your shots and post.
Happy Earth Day!

Annie said...

Happy Earth Day to you too! I agree, all of our trees are one of the best parts about living in NC. Love all your photos.

juliana said...

happy belated earth day to you, too!
and thank you for sharing the beauty that surrounds you.
i only wish we would remember our beautiful planet more often than just this once a year.

Voyager said...

You do indeed live in a bounty of beauty.

Ayie said...

The sight is very relaxing. nice shots