Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Surprises Abound

I was photographing the autumn leaves when this hawk surprised me as it went gliding overhead with such grace.I'm assuming that I'm correct in identifying the glider as a hawk or maybe a falcon. The next surprise wasn't discovered until after I downloaded some shots I took yesterday.
I thought I'd catch the moon, along with the North Carolina Natural Science Museum's dome, which I did. You'll probably have to click inside and enlarge the shot to see the moon on the right. The big surprise was that you can see the dinosaur skeleton through the window. I knew he was there but had no idea that he showed in the photograph until after the fact.
The surprise in the shot above is that although the RBC Plaza in the background is Raleigh's newest and tallest landmark, when I took the shot of the Christ Church rooster, there is an illusion created of the rooster towering above the much taller building.
Now that the temperatures are dipping close to freezing at night I am continuing to be surprised by the roses which are hanging tough.Although the fall leaves are seasonal in October, the site of a maple leaf against a blue sky catches me by surprise every time.


ellen b. said...

Just goes to show you the more you click the more surprises you get! Lovely captures!!

jmb said...

We are blessed often with the sight of bald eagles soaring overhead.
This year we have quite a nice Fall colour display for a change. It's quite remarkable and we do, remark that is.

Forever Foster said...

The dinosaur shot is simply brilliant! Well done on that one:) The autumn leaves are very pretty.

Leslie: said...

These are gorgeous shots! That RBC building is the Royal Bank of Canada, right? I did enlarge the photos and was surprised to see that dinosaur in the window, like you were, and I saw the moon! :D

Dr.John said...

I loved your surprises. The dinosaur in the wqindow was a fantastic picture.
You still have Roses. That is so unfair.

escape said...

wow! i cannot determine if its a hwak or a falcon either.

i like the structure of the science museum.

DeniseinVA said...

These are a beautiful series of photograph. It is hard to pick a favorite because each one of them is first class. Thank you for sharing them and have a very Happy SkyWatch Friday :)

juliana said...

great photos... the hawk looks magnificent and the dinosaur pic is really worth enlarging.

Theresa said...

Love the vibrant colors of the blue sky- with your surprises in them.

Also you really capatured the colors of fall popping out.

great shots