Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More shots from my mountain weekend

At first I was disappointed that we delayed our weekend get-a-way and left Saturday morning instead of Friday due to the weather. As it turned out it was perfect.We left home Saturday morning in the rain, and it was also raining where we were heading. It started clearing during the trip and it was perfect when we arrived.
It would have been too wet to have done any walking until around the time we got there so it worked out.
The lodge we stayed at was a few hundred yards from the entrance to parking for Linville Falls so it was easy to check in and head out. The path to the falls is easy which was good since there were a lot of puddles to avoid.Sunday was a perfect day for hiking and soaking up the view. In addition to our long hike in the Pisgah National Forest, we also enjoyed the drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and had a late afternoon lunch in Blowing Rock. Even the easier parts of the primitive trail were tricky because it was all roots and rocks and they were wet.
The colors were magnificent. I love the way it looks like someone ran amuk with magic markers across the landscape.
I'll admit that by the time we reached our car and were heading out on the road, I was happy to be enjoying the view from a comfortable car seat.
I wouldn't have minded staying to see the snow flurries that were predicted for the next night, but I definitely got more than my quota of hiking in on Sunday. At least we did have a hard frost on the windshield Sunday morning. I love those first signs of winter.I have barely scratched the surface of my photographs but I'm sure I'll work a few more into posts later on.


ellen b. said...

Lots of beautiful color Carver. That waterfall really is great. Have a lovely day :0)

Photo Cache said...

Looks like a fun weekend trip. Just what my hubs and I are thinking of taking very soon.

I love the fall colors in your part of the country.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

dixymiss said...

What a lovely weekend eXcursion, Carver! Beautiful autumn foliage, a crashing waterfall, eXercise and fresh air with patches of blue sky above ~ perfect! I enjoyed the view via your your eXpert lens.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for bringing some of that scenery to me! While I love autumn blue skies, I do enjoy the grey backgrounds to fall foliage that is lit up by the sun (hope that makes sense to you). You captured that in the first photos. Love it!!

I like to plan our falls drives so that the sun is setting behind us as we drive east to look at the trees.

Love the magic marker comment!



Rambling Woods said...

What scenery to be able to hike through...Can't wait to see more photos Carver..take care..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful fall scenario and great shots, Carver. What a wonderful mountain weekend!

jmb said...

It looks like you have a wonderful time despite the weather. Lovely countryside there Carver.

DeLi said...

the colors are so vibrant and yet, relaxing. i love your sky phtos!

Dr.John said...

I just loved the pictures. When I was well we used to take fall trips like that across Upper Michigan.
Thanks for bringing back those memories.

MumbaiiteAnu said...

Beautiful scenery and waterfall.
Looks like a lot of fun.
Great shots.

Dee said...

Wow - looks like a great hike!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

those are so amazing. how ever do you keep them in focus when driving? we are going on our road trip in a few weeks and my photos are usually a blur

escape said...

in this set, i really like the fourth and the last shot. i like the mixture of big rocks and colorful leaves of trees. view is great!

juliana said...

autumn really looks spectacular through your lens :)
beautiful photos and impressions from your trip!