Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mandalas and waiting for doctors

I did another post about mandalas a month ago here and they have continued to bring me so much pleasure. Deanna at Dee's Updates kindly sent me a mandala coloring book and I did the one above in my rheumatologist's office. That doctor always has a very long wait, but I can't complain because the reason for the wait is that he spends as much time as it takes with each patient. By that I mean that he never rushes. Once you finally get back with him he takes his time.
The mandala above is the July Mandala of the month although I added the rectangles within the diamonds and the ovals in the outer edge. The great thing about coloring in a doctor's waiting room is it's easy to do while the TV is in the background with a show I don't want to watch and the nurses are calling patients back. I used to always take a book with me to doctor's appointments but the distractions often make it hard to read. The rest of the mandalas are ones I designed myself on the computer, printed out my design and colored them.
In addition to coloring in the mandalas which are designed, I have been having fun coming up with my own designs. The possibilities are limitless. I like doing both the ones someone else has designed as well as my own because I find I approach them differently. The pastoral designs which were in the book Deanna gave me have titles which influence how I color them. The one at the top was birds of a feather and I was thinking about flamboyant birds while coloring it in.
When I was doing the first mandala, I had several people in the doctor's waiting room come up and admire it. I think Doctor's offices should supply patients with coloring books and pencils in the waiting room. I bet they'd be surprised how many people would do it and how low their blood pressures would be. I bet it would eliminate a lot of the anxiety spikes in blood pressure that often happen at the doctor's office. Deanna mention how comparatively low her blood pressure was after coloring in the radiation waiting room. Mine was also low at my rheumatologist's office. My appointment went fine once I got back to the waiting room. My vitamin D is still not where the doctor wants it and the heat is aggravating the lymphedema in my legs. I am borderline between osteopenia and osteoperosis so he did a scan of my forearm to add in to the information from the one showing the problems in my hips and spine. He mentioned that I have significant arthritis in my spine which isn't terribly surprising. My shoulder is also an issue with arthritis. Sometimes it seems like I aged 30 years in the 3 years since my melanoma diagnosis but I try to remember how lucky I am not to have active cancer at this point. And when I need to calm down, I can always color.


escape said...

wow! looks like im looking at a kaleidoscope.

jmb said...

Well the doctor's office is a great place for these. When I used to go to the Cancer Clinic with my husband they had baskets with knitting pieces around. Anyone could pick it up and knit away while they waited. I usually unpicked the mistakes that other people had made and fixed them. No good for the men though. Colouring would be better.

Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

That is looking good. I think you did great creating them. My daughter love coloring things like this :)

Carver said...

Hi Don, I'm glad you mentioned a kaleidoscope. I love them and have two pretty good ones. Maybe I'll try looking through my kaleidoscope for more ideas in terms of designing my own mandalas.

Hi JMB, Knitting is another one that would be good in a doctor's office. I fear though if I was knitting that mine would be the type of work you'd be fixing mistakes on because I never was great at it and it's been a long time since I've tried. I still have a bag of yarn and needles so maybe I'll try that again.

Thanks Napaboaniya, I bet your daughter would do a better job at the coloring than I do. I have tons of ideas but am not very careful.

Red Lion said...

nice blog! please link me in your site too.. take care and godbless

Carver said...

Thanks for visiting red lion.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

yes; art is very healing. I think when doing it you aren't able to create and feel pain at the same time.
Sorry you are back in the doctors office; I know how anxiety provoking that can be

Carver said...

Hi J (Ascender), I wish I had your talent for art but it is fun for me to play and it does help block out pain. This appointment was just a regular follow up. I have 5 doctors in different specialties that are on either every 3 month or every 6 month follow up schedules. I'm getting a break until September when I see all 5 of my doctors for routine follow up. I will be well armed with coloring materials for that. I hope you are doing ok. I know you have to deal with more than your share of doctors too.