Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nature Notes: Breathing Easier

Now that we are past the mid point of April, I'm breathing much easier because I think we'll squeak by without a hard freeze this month.
The pecan tree above with the house finch in it is one example of what I was worried about if we had a hard freeze.
I've mentioned before that one April the pecan tree lost all of its first leaves to low temperatures and had to start over again.
In the NC piedmont, our average last freeze date is mid April and although it can be later the forecast looks good. The American Robin above was enjoying a bath and the squirrel in the second shot was enjoying bird seed I put out on a cold morning.
The mourning dove above was having a stroll on my deck. I bought bird seed in late February when we had a little snow and had saved what I didn't put on in case we had a spring snow. I'm pretty sure we're long past any snow so on the colder mornings I put out treats.
I like the touch of yellow on the sparrow above. It makes me think of a little jewel above each eye.
The brown thrashers are so much fun to watch.
I got several wide open mouth shots of the brown thrasher and used one on my other blog and saved the one above for nature notes.
I think the brown thrasher above looks like its taking a bow.
The American Robin above looks like its preparing for a dive but I need to fill up the pool.
The sparrow above is walking on its shadow.
The house finch couple above make a cute pair.
In the shot above the sparrow has expanded with its bath.
The evening primrose (shot above) usually bloom in May but like many flowers are early this year.
The money plant above is blooming in my wild jungle of a garden.
The hydrangea above is forming buds and the red rose below is considerably earlier than most years.
The bumble bee below was enjoying the kolkwitzia blossoms.
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Leora said...

Funny how you say you are breathing easier - my nose has been stuffed on account of all our local blossoms.

Love the robin especially.

"money plant" - that's a new one for me.

Judy said...

Beautiful series. We did get frost in the valley but it wasn't too bad up here on the ridge.

eileeninmd said...

Lovely series of shots, Carver. The flowers are all gorgeous, I especially love the rose. Great captures of the birds. Thanks for sharing, have a great day!

Libby said...

Great shots! Every week I look forward to seeing whether you have bird bath photos. I just love them. :). The open beak is adorable! The house finch is really a nice looking bird. I have never seen one.

Cezar and Léia said...

Beautiful set of pictures, I love the cute squirrel!

Rambling Woods said...

My daughter has been having terrible allergic problems with her eyes swelling up and has been to the doc 3 times already..good you are past your freeze...I love the bathing beauties..the sparrow with the yellow is a White-throated Sparrow..Michelle

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

Great bird shots especially of your little thrasher and his beak wide open. We don't have those birds here in the UK.........though I think that Thrasher had his beady eye on you peeking at him in the bird bath LOL.

Gattina said...

Your bird shots are very beautiful, but I love the squirrel the most, it looks so cute !

Crafty Green Poet said...

Beautiful photos, such pretty birds.

Pat said...

Beautiful shots! I love the Brown Thrasher - my nemesis here as he always manages to elude me and my camera.