Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today's Flowers: Camellia buds

I bundled up this morning and went outside to see if I could find some flowers. I found some camellia buds hiding in the snow.
today flowers camelia
Camellias set their buds in the winter. If you look closely at the shot above, you can probably see the buds. The shot below is a shot of the same bush.
I hope everyone had a happy Christmas. Click here for today's flowers.


Unknown said...

oh my, you're buried! this looks like a winter wonderland to me.:p

Muhammad khabbab said...

Looking so beautiful. Camellias are so rare here.

Randi said...

I can see that you have a white wonderland too. My camellia also has buds and I really hope the buds will survive and bloom later. I hope your roads are open! My road opened today and guess who was first out on the road..."smile".
I hope you too are having a great holiday!

Anne said...

All that snow in your part of the world also :-) and of course, we love it at Christmastime, but.... a lot of trouble also.

In the middele of Norway we have had this cold, -22 for several days, but today, -12 :-))))

Have still å pleasant holiday.

Lui said...

Ours died several times and we have sunny weather all year round!

Marta said...

I wanted to see the snow in your area. You did get a lot. It is always beautiful if you don't have to travel in it. I also love your ice shots.

Quilt Works said...

Wow - loooks like the snow that is coming my way!
They tell us over a foot of snow is coming!

Judy said...

Oh, my! You have certainly had a snowfall! I am so glad that the camellias are not going to be nipped by the frost, though!!

lotusleaf said...

Nice picture full of hope and joy!

eden said...

This looks so cold but beautiful. I love all your photos. Great shots.

namaki said...

that's a lot of snow for sure !!

Míriam Luiza said...

Realmente é muita neve, mas dá pra ver os brotos verdes. Como estamos em pleno verão, com calor acima de 30ºC, é difícil imaginar viver nesse frio. As fotos são lindas e me levam a uma viagem imaginária. Lindas fotografias. Desejo um feliz ano novo, cheio de paz, saúde e porsperidade!

Anonymous said...

Love the snow pictures!!
Very unusual but we have no snow in Toronto.
Very lovely shot of your Camellia buds.
Hope they bloom in Spring.
Happy New Year.
- Cheers Gisela.

Rambling Woods said...

wow. all that snow.