Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nature Notes: December 8 through 15

It has been a very cold December. The last of the snow on my deck melted with a couple of warmer days before we went back into the deep freeze.
It's fairly common here for the coldest weather to be dry and then go above freezing for some rain which happened this past weekend.
I think that may be happening again although I think it may go either way.
It's been in the teens F at night the past few days with a wind chill below zero yesterday morning.
Tonight the lows are supposed to be in the 20s F with snow in the forecast and by tomorrow afternoon it is forecast to be a degree or 2 above freezing with a change from freezing rain to rain.
Sometimes our worst storms are the ones where it is supposed to get above freezing when it has been very cold but that doesn't happen and we end up with a bad ice storm.
I guess we'll see what happens. The first shot was taken on the 8th of December and then I went through seven days with the last pecan being shot today (December 15). The third shot of the bird pecking on the tree is a nuthatch. I'm not sure about the others. For the home of nature notes, please visit Rambling Woods.


Cezar and Léia said...

Oh poor little bird there, he is trying to get some water but it's freezing there!So harsh winter!
Beautiful set of pictures!

DeniseinVA said...

I enjoyed all your photos, just beautiful. The one where you have caught the bird with its wings outspread is a lovely capture. Filled up all the feeders for the birdies an hour ago. They give me so many hours of enjoyment, it's the least I can do to feed them when the weather makes it difficult to find food or water. Squirrels are also welcome around here.

Cloudia said...

Great captures!

Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral



Leora said...

Oh, you have such patience to take all these photos in the cold. I can only imagine what the bird in the first photo is saying - "wha, you think a guy can get a drink around here?"

Avory said...

The snow has almost totally obscured the Washington monument out our window. It's kind of creepy.

Caron said...

I had to look at the last photo twice!

Rambling Woods said...

Lovely bird photos Carver and you really are saving lives with the water...I added your link and thanks for being a faithful NN blogger...Michelle

EG CameraGirl said...

Your weather sounds almost as bad as ours, Carver! I'm quite surprised by that.

agreenearth said...

Beautiful photos, and they all look bitterly cold.

srp said...

I love the nuthatch... such a nutty bird to walk upside down all the time. Our bluebirds have stayed this year and I think they regret it... it has been colder than usual.