Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nature Notes: Nature walks

As happy as I'll be to see the end of summer heat, I am finding myself enjoying how much is going on in the natural world before the colder weather comes.
nat notedk3
I've been noticing a lot of amazing webs when I walk, like the one below stretched high between the trees.
natnote websh
There are still a fair amount of wildflowers I've been spotting although also others have gone to seed.
nat note flwr
The greens are starting to have some browns mix in and an occasional leaf here and there is even starting to change to fall colors.
natnotemr dckbr
I find it interesting how the great blue heron flies off pretty soon when I photograph it in this one particular area but doesn't budge when it is hanging out at other parts of the lake.
natnote shheron
I almost missed this web which stretched over a narrow part of the creek.
natnote anwebsh
It amazes me sometimes just how much life is hanging out in the grasses.
natnot grss
I managed to get a shot of the common buckeye in the grass but so many other living creatures were blending in too well.
natnot buttfl
Even with the common buckeye it was easier to photograph in the rocks.
natnote buttfl
The dragonflies tend to blend in too well when they are flitting in the grasses but I got a bunch of fuzzy shots in flight.
natnote dragfly
Then I got one that landed on a tree limb and posed for me long enough to be photographed.
natnot drflyan
I think part of the reason I'm savoring the late summer walks is because I haven't been able to make myself walk much at all because of the heat. I'm glad I didn't entirely miss the variety of activities in nature which can be found this time of year.
natnot dkbr2
Beyond the dragonflies, webs, butterflies and other summer signs, the sea of green is something I've been savoring on my recent walks.
I love the changing seasons and summer is definitely not my favorite time of year but I am reminded that it isn't all bad.
natnote ducksh
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kenju said...

You take such NICE photos around the lake!!

Cezar and Léia said...

Awesome set of pictures, I loved those reflection in the first shot, but I can choose because all pictures are fabulous!
Thanks for sharing!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

incredible reflections, I would have love to walk with you. I went for a walk with a newly found friend, I took her to a park with lots of birds, she was afraid of birds attacking her, and I forgot to bring my camera.

Leora said...

I love how you interspersed the different photos of the ducks on the little island in the water, and each one of those little photos is unique.

Wow, what a web you found. How great to see herons - I would have to get in my car and travel for almost an hour to see one. I think.

NicoleB said...

Oh, what a fabulous walk!
Love this little Gem collection :)!
If you ever wanna switch places for a short while, let me know ;)

EG CameraGirl said...

It does look like the season is slowly changing there. Great post!

Caron said...

I thought I already left a comment. I know I read this post before! You know, that photo with the bridge would look good in a frame or made into a poster.

Squirrel said...

Wonderful nature series.

Have a great weekend Carver.

Pearl Maple said...

Lovely collection of nature photos, won't be long before the ducks move along with the seasons, and that heron photo is beautiful

Rambling Woods said...

It does seem to be moving into fall looking at the light and the vegetation here..The mallards are gathering in a flock on the pond. I love the photos of the dragons. I haven't taken one this summer.... Michelle