Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nature Notes: Cold ending to March

I'm posting early for nature notes because I'm not sure when I'll have time to do it if I wait. If I don't visit other participants this week it's because of work but I'll catch you when I can. After a warm early March, our weather has turned around to a cold late March.
We've been lucky in that the temperatures didn't fall below freezing until the very wet few days cleared.
If it had been as cold when it was raining as it was last night, we would have had snow or an ice storm instead of rain.
It was still cold when raining but it was a few degrees above freezing.
I enjoy the mix of weather. It's definitely not boring or all one thing.
I know the birds would prefer that it not keep getting cold but at least it's not extreme temperatures.
Some people talked about covering there azaleas last night but I have too many and they are too large to cover.
So far they are doing remarkably well in spite of blooming on the early side.
Even if I lose early blooms there are still plenty that are barely showing their buds so I'll have flowers left for later.
The shot below is the water which collected in an empty pot when it was raining and last night formed a sheet of ice on top.
The other shots are chronological starting with last Thursday and moving up through today (Tuesday).
I guess I should be better about labeling my nature notes photos. I can't think of the name of the bush below but the shot above is yellow jasmine.
The very first shot is an oak tree. The colorful part of the second shot are white and pink dogwoods. The third shot is a male cardinal in the pecan tree. The fourth shot is
kolkwitzia amabilis. The fifth shot is a mockingbird. The sixth and seventh shots are azaleas. The eighth shot is narcissus and the ninth is a tulip. The shot below is pieris japonica.
Below is another of my azaleas and is a smaller form than some of my monster ones.
If we have any nights that are more than 10 degrees below zero, I can put sheets over the smaller forms but the monster ones are on their own. Fortunately my enormous azaleas are farther behind the small ones.
The bluebird above was hiding from my but I got a partial shot. The last shot is of another of my oak trees.
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Nicole said...

Once again - it's such a treat to take a look through your lens and into your world.
It's already getting way too hot over here and I so miss trees and greenery.
Oh well :)
Guess I have to live with you through spring and summer ;)

Judy said...

Our cold ending to March sure doesn't look like yours. Ours is brown but the sun is shinning. So, I'll just enjoy your photos until our flowers are in bloom.

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Carver, thanks so much for this lovely post.Wow that second composition with the colorful trees is fantastic, but I love all pictures, the birds, flowers, the blessed nature!
Léia :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely series of photos, I particularly like the raindrops on the flowers. Here March is ending with high winds and a dash of rain... said...

love the first one and the droplets..congrats

Caron said...

The second photo is such a collage of spring color. I really like that. March went out pretty cold yesterday in southern Ohio. Today is a repeat. ~sigh~

Rambling Woods said...

I love the nature log that you keep. I know we still have some snow, but since we can get a frost through May, I guess the plants are used to it.. love to see all the color you have and of course your birdy visitors....

KaHolly said...

It's nice to see some color, despite the cold.