Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nature Notes: Something new to see each day

Every day there is something new to see as spring is unfolding around me.
I've been waiting on the red bud trees to sprout their little blooms and have recently been rewarded (shot above and below).
I have so many different varieties of daffodils and narcissus that I keep being rewarded with the first blooms of each kind.
Some years most of the varieties of daffodils and narcissus bloom around the same time but this year they have been staggered.
The mourning doves have been out in full force and barely move as I walk among them.
The robins are also starting to ignore me a lot more which gives me the chance to photograph them on the ground.
The female cardinals usually fly up to a branch or into the bushes when I come by.
The male cardinals tend to perch in the trees but I can spot them as they are calling out in their distinctive voices.
The hydrangea are beginning to get their first leaves and I hope they don't get bit by frost which often happens with the early leaves.
On a recent walk at Lake Lynn I enjoyed getting to photograph the turtles who were out in force.
I recently had a post on my other blog with shots from that walk but there were so many shots I didn't use I thought I'd include some in my nature notes post.
It amused me how the shot below shows the Canada goose paddling in shallow water which looks like it might be easier to walk.
There are always a number of canoes on the banks of Lake Lynn but I rarely see anyone out in one.
Back at my house the auroma from the flowers is knocking me over.
I'm exaggerating, I'm not literally knocked over by the flower's scent but the mixture is pretty potent.
Each day more of the white camellias are blooming and I'm very happy with how the bushes are doing, in spite of some winter damage.
Even the oak trees (branches above the pink miniature magnolia below) are starting to form their long pollen gifts.
I guess I'll end here. Please visit the home of Nature Notes for other participants.


OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

AWESOME pics you got! I LOVE Spring time ~ And Happy Spring to all!!

Gel said...

Hi Carver,
These are great photos- so many terrific close-ups! I have heard the birds, but I don't have the time to lie in wait for them. (Our bird-feeder was feeding the raccoons and no solution has worked yet.) I was surprised(and pleased)to see 2 daffodils in our forest.Thx for bringing spring to me.

Nicole said...

I'm in Love with that second shot of yours! Love the mix of green with pink.
It's great to see spring unfolding through your lens! (I think I said that last week already,... :D)

Marcee said...

Such wonderful pictures, Carver!! and I simply love your new header.

Smalltown RN said...

What a wonderful collection of spring photos...I love the one of the daffodil blooming...simply gorgeous.....Happy spring to you my friend!

Stine in Ontario said...

It looks so wonderful in NC right now! So much is already happening there already! SPRING!

Rambling Woods said...

You do have full fledged spring in your part of the country. I love the way the male dove bows at the female he is trying to impress and most of the time she looks pretty bored. I can almost smell your garden from here....Michelle

julie said...

love the photos :) beautiful!

marina said...

Great shots! I really enjoyed the white daffodil and the mourning dove.

MyMaracas said...

How wonderful! Spring is much further along where you are.

Doves and robins can become quite tame, and if they get to know you chickadees will actually land on your outstretched hand - if it has seeds in it. ;-)

KaHolly said...

I'm still waiting in my neck of the woods, but little by little! The Great Blue Herons are back. Saw my first 4 fly by just today. For me, THAT's pretty exciting! ~karen