Saturday, July 28, 2012

Today's Flowers: Flowers from yesteryear

The excessive heat has been hard on my flowers this year so I'm looking back to the summer of 2010.
My gerber daisies came back each year, after being dormant in the winter, until this year when the heat damaged them before they bloomed.
I have lots of shots of my gerber daisies that I never posted so I picked some from my 2010 photo files.
Looking through my photo files made me miss them.
This rose bush is something else I miss.
I planted it almost 20 years ago but it has appears to have died this year.
My perennial lavender is a plant I started from seed that also came back to bloom for close to 20 summers but this year it came back and turned brown before blooming.
My ice plant is still alive but I only got a few blooms this year before they were singed by the heat.
My hydrangea blossoms turned brown after a brief bloom this year.
All of the shots in this post were taken during the summer of 2010.
Although I still have some echinacea in bloom this year, I haven't seen any of the swallowtail butterflies that are usually abundant in the summer.

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Sallie ( said...

Gorgeous! Again, wish I had the well-organized archives you do!!! We were just talking today about how we missed all the usual spring flowers, because it had been so hot and dry in Colorado that they were all gone already by the time we got there (we always miss them here in Oregon).