Friday, December 09, 2011

Saturday's Photo Hunting: Christmas Decorations

I started participating in photohunters in 2007. It was my first introduction to photo memes for bloggers and was a big part of my going from being a cancer blogger to being a photo blogger. I want to thank TNChick for starting photohunters and for hosting it all these years. She has announced that she will no longer be hosting photohunters. Shortly after TN Chicks announcement, I was happy to hear from Gattina that she will be hosting Saturday's Photo Hunting, a new incarnation of the meme, and she has a new theme list up at her site. I have added a note at the end of this post after reading TN Chick's subsequent posts.
When I saw that the first theme was Christmas decorations, I considered getting down some of the boxes from the attic and photographing a few ornaments.
Just looking at the boxes as I climbed the attic stairs exhausted me so I snapped a few shots of some of them without even opening or moving them.
Then I glanced at the mirror in my kitchen and remembered that I keep a few decorations up all year round.
I decided to photograph my year round Christmas decorations.
I even have a Christmas ball on the key to my living room desk cabinet.
And last but not least a snow globe with a picture of my daughter from around 1991.
Click for the new Saturday's photo hunting.

NOTE - Apparently a number of people are interested in hosting this meme and there is a vote at TN Chicks. Since Gattina already has a new badge and theme list, which I appreciate, I had this set to auto publish before I saw TN Chicks vote. Again thanks to Gattina for getting this together, and for the others who would also be willing to host. Since Gattina already has the theme list prepared, it may be that there will be more than one photo hunting reincarnation. I'm left a comment on TNChicks site to let them know about this one and my thanks to everyone who is willing to keep this going.


Sue said...

I am playing this week too. I am playing along with Gattina, but may play others as well time permitting :) I did not see the vote etc, only Gattina's kind offer.

Great pics! :)

MaR said...

I keep a red ball too, now that you mentioned yours I remembered my year-round xmas ornament! nice shots, Carver. It seems we will have several hosts...we'll see. Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware that Gattina has her version. I was waiting for the final results (I voted) of the new host over at Tnchicks. So maybe I'll pass this week since I was not prepared at all.

Annie said...

I'm skipping this week too; going to wait and see what happens with the vote etc. I hope that it doesn't get split up into several different PHunts.

I love your take on the them; I have boxes like that in the attic and they are still up there - I've got my shopping mostly done but have not done one single thing about decorating!

Have a great weekend!

Annie said...

Me again, I changed my mind and decided to play this week. You're right, we can still visit even if we aren't all doing the same theme! I checked it out and like Gattina's theme list better, so I'm going with her for now.

Happy weekend!

Suzy said...

Love the mirror. Mine's up at Gattina's and Sandi's.

Liz said...

I love your decorations. The mirror looks great. Mine is up as well.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Holding Hands

peppylady (Dora) said...

I've never seen a water globe like that before. I haven't even even yet got the tree up. I'm hoping it will get up today.
I try to put up all decoration after the holiday but usual I'll find something laying around. “Oh I'm no Martha Stewart”
I decided to do both Gattina and Whistle stop photo hunt..I guess I'm junkie for photo I now have to suppliers.
Coffee is on.

Ramakrishnan said...

Nice & interesting tit bits that have great emotional value

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I am laughing out loud at your photos of the boxes in the attic... I have that feeling in November every year.
I am glad you stopped in at the new Saturday PhotoHunt site.
I hope y'all will continue to join in the fun! I will be playing with Gattina when I can.

jams o donnell said...

Nice take on the theme. I went with Sandi's as I didn't really have much for this one.

I like that some decs stay up all year. After all decorations are for life not just Xmas!

Nicole said...

That's great decorations. I love that metal (?) plate.
And I adore your old books! Just as a sidenote ;)